gentab Genzo
is an unusual mage. He does not belong to any house. His magic is unique and does not follow any established rules. Normally, he would be considered as some small time street mage and be ignored. But since he’s powerful and unaffiliated to any house, he is considered a rogue mage- one to be hunted down and coerced into joining a house or killed so no one else has access to his powers
jotab ‘Jo
was a mage for one of the most strongest houses of the city. She was also the headman’s lover. One day, she decided to leave. It was not an amicable parting. They say she negotiated half her power for her freedom. She pretty much stays hidden as even with her magic halved, she is still reckoned to be a very able mage that could prove to be belpful to some smaller house.
shaytab Shay
is another ex-house reject. In his situation, he was a musician who had his hand and eye removed for insolence toward the house master’s guest. He joined the army where received his cybernetics. He fought in the Demon Wars. He retired and works as a chip cleaner and programmer.
bugtab Bug
is a half demon child that Shay adopted. His demon father was an addict who left his wife and child. His mother was killed because she was a fortune teller. While all demons have magic, their mixed offspring may not. In Bug’s case, he does-in spades. Which is a problem- as oftentimes, half-demon children with strong magic are often killed by the houses when they are discovered.
linktab Link
is Shay’s husband. He has promised that he will hide Bug’s magic. He also knows quite a bit about raising half-demon children as he had a family once with a demon woman. He works for a major house and is considered a problem employee. Unfortunately for them, he is useful enough in the right areas that they cant rid themselves of him.