The Story

Desolation Angel Tango is about the end of the world and the beginning of a new one. Gaea is dying and no longer trusts the humans. They live uncaring in their bright towers above the green, above the dirt. They are charmed by their technology and their magic to see nothing but themselves. But their reckoning is coming. There is a new set of people who have arrived on the Earth who may revive Gaea. But birth and death are such not easy things. There are those who are satisfied with the world as it is and they have the power to stop Gaea. Caught in the middle of this hidden war is Genzo, a rogue mage who has no idea that he hides a dangerous secret deep inside of himself. He, himself has the power to destroy the world utterly. Only one person knows this buried fact, his wife- ‘jo- and she has her own mysterious agenda.