harthartchamber can be reached @ the following domain- gmail(dot)com She apologizes for the rather confusing way to say her address but there are evil bots out there in the cyberworld who would stuff her mailbox with ads for enlarging certain body parts she has and doesnt have. She is also an unreliable sort when it comes to responding to email. As fanmail embarrasses and befuddles her as she has no coherent way of explaining what she does. she apologizes for this and figures giving you more pages to read will make you happy. please note- she does not normally refer to herself in the third person, however in confusing the bots, she has befuddleded herself. Not that it takes much to betwixt her mind as her friends will vouch to her being a first class A-1 malaprop. She can also be reached at tumblr or twitter. In case of a server disaster, there is a mirror site maintained at inkblazers.