Hazy Daisy Jam takes place in a small town called Limbo. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. To the west of it, some distant away is the ocean. Every once in a while, when it storms, you can smell the sea salt in the rain. Further north of Limbo, is the mountains and snow. A lot of rain comes from that direction. To the east is the shadow of a big city, -it’s where all the delivery trucks come from-bringing all the delights of the outside world to Limbo. And to the south, is just more grass and fields of crops- that’s what goes out to the world. Good stuff grows here. The land is strong and gentle. And so are the people here.

Yes, there are some good people here. A bit odd at times. Just like most places. But these people are real unusual. Several of the biggest universal corporations have their headquarters here. Devilsmart, Angelsrus, Karma Control, and Death, Inc are few that come to mind. Makes for some strange folks to come walking down the town streets at time.

But, it’s probably the best place for a bookstore lady who cant remember her name to end up at. Might not be a bad spot for an old lady death to retire and raise a passel of young foster children. It’s a good place to live, love and die.