Working away on short story for my collection that I’ll release at Small Press Expo. Running into a lot of issues. I had moved from a place I had lived in for 20 years. (Thx a lot gentrification. ) However, I ended up moving to a place with more space(yay) but muchfurther away(boo). So I’m still setting things up in less time that I used to have. My computer broke down suddenly so I’m getting used to a new rig. Also 98% of my stuff was backed up and 2% was not. And relearning old programs is frustrating when you had everything set up to go on the old system. It’s been an interesting year.

I’m moving my updates to so expect more there than here. All the long form items like my graphic novels are on hiatus while I focus on my short stories. At this current time in my life, I don’t have the luxury of time to work on anything longform. If things change, I’ll go back to working on my graphic novels.

The picture is my memento mori to my black cat (13 yrs old) which recently died. At least, she got to see lots of birds and hens before she died.