I went to my first time ever out of town convention. It was called STAPLE-Austin. What fun. I’ve been wanting to try a small press style comic convention for ages but i could never get into spxpo. So nice to sell books instead of fanart!  I really enjoyed myself, and I hope to return next spring! So I returned and a week later this happened….


And then the funny thing happened. I got a table in the SPXPO lottery. Wow! I’m going to SPX! Lots of work to do!

And speaking of work-

  1. hazydaisyjam.com is down. it was an old install that crashed. putting in a new install as we speak. it’s gonna take me a week to get things reloaded.
  2. Working on re-lettering pages of desolation angel tango as we speak.  A page should be reloaded every other day or so.
  3. The store is slowly coming along.
  4. I’ve decided what to do with my short stories. I’ll just run them thru this page. And keep the page of contents in the side bar.
  5. The House of Other Worlds will be released in chapter format only.
  6.  I’ll also post my artwork on this page. Trying to consolidate things so I can focus on writing and drawing.

I would say more but I am getting the sideways glance from:


So, I’d best quit now before I bleed.