This fall’s trip took me to the washington dc area for SPX- the lottery gods were kind to me this year. I wonder – what exactly does one burn in gratitude to the lottery gods. Anyway, here is my micro set-up for SPX..

It was great. I wasnt able to wander around as much as I wanted to because it was busy. It’s amazing to go someplace where someone actually wants to buy your books instead of fan art. and on that point, I plan on only bringing the 11×17 prints only to anime style cons. The matted small prints sell better and are easier to transport. I brought two new books from my dream series- Nuclear Wine 1- which contains Paradisio, nite noises, and dream fragments. And 1000 Cats- which I had sent off to the printer who did not live up to their name of overnight and incidently I actually gave them a week. So I ended up staying up late for a couple nights in a row- printing and trimming and thank you big A for delivering the print cartridges ON TIME unlike that printer company. And then spent friday afternoon in the hotel, placing stars on the cover.

I also had my moleskin book show up at the doorstep which I brought.

Overall I had a great experience: I wish I had socialized more, but getting four days off in a row from my day job means I double up the week before and the week after, so I’m generally exhausted by the time I get to the con and I was feeling a bit down from the news of a death and another friend being diagnosed with cancer. And speaking of the doubling down, I’ve managed to catch up with the big stuff so I can open the store in a week, and upload the new stories, and play with Inktober- I will be uploading my daily inktober files on my twitter, tumblr and instagram